We Offer the Best


We offers some of the finest meeting and conference facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities designed to meet the entire range of requirements from large meetings to executive off sites or board meetings.

Airline Ticketing Services

We provide air ticket bookings for both domestic and international locations at discounted prices. We offer first-rate Airline Ticketing Services. We do this with the aid of our liaisons with various consolidators. We make bulk purchase and the consolidators are always pleased to give us a low rate.

Bus & Rail Ticketing Services

Buses are still the most favored automotive while travelling owing to the ambience and experiences one can attain. Try our Bus Ticketing Services! We would make your bus journey very affordable Do you want to embark a night train journey routing Nairobi /Mombasa and Kisumu .Whatever your choice of cities is, we can make your train journey convenient and enjoyable by offering our Rail Ticketing Services. We also provide you complete information related to train types and schedules.

Passport & Visa Services

We can help you in attaining Visas and passports for crossing the frontiers of many countries and cities immediately. Whether you need a travel Visa or want to visit some other country for education purpose or any other reason, we can help you. Our Passport & Visa Services include assisting the clients in filling the application forms and we also submit them along with the supporting documents.

Car & Coach Rentals

We offer Car Rental Services. Our cars are in various classes they range from Saloons, wagons, 4WD, Rav4s, Mini Pajeros, and Minibuses.

Cruise Services

Why keep those dreams to be on cruise one day tightly wrapped in the dark closets? Take them out; Diani Travel Centre offers excellent Cruise Services to the clients. We would be very happy to give you a discounted ticket for a la mode cruise liner. Just decide which all cities and countries you want to explore via a sailing vessel! Even if you are excited about the nowhere voyage, we can provide you a ticket. We are headquartered in Mombasa, Kenya and our nexus includes liaisons with many cruise liners and we can provide you worthwhile deals.